Thursday, October 11, 2012

बुरी आदत (हाइकु)

हर रोज़ रूठना, मनाना, झगड़े, शिकायतें 
फिर भी दूर-दूर नहीं रह सकते 
एक-दूसरे की बुरी आदत हैं हम...

Leave and let live

Let me leave
Come on, please
Until when would I
Put up with you
Until when 
Shall we tolerate
Each other
And why?
For the sake of love?
And what is love for?
Go on
Talk about
That crumpled ideal 
Of selfless love  
Finding happiness 
In the happiness of lover
I would continue to agree 
Only if I were 
A crack-brained masochist
Accepting all that pain 
From my lover
As a pleasure
But hello! good morning!
I would rather
Seek happiness for me
Through a direct route
We fell in love
It was a beautiful feeling
Which made me happy 
It used to, 
Before it ebbed out
Now that 
It doesn't gladden
Rather saddens my heart
I would like to go away 
Let's not pick on 
The goodie me baddie you
The angelic one is who 
I give it to you
Had you not been happy
I don't say 
You won't have stayed
With me 
But I am not you 
What to do
So shallow a person
I am!